Thursday, 15 December 2011


Two little snippets today on environmental issues. One local, the other on the big stage.

CORY Environmental Services

A few weeks ago Cornwall Council announced that its waste collection contract for all of Cornwall had been won by Cory Environmental Services.

Now in the West of the Duchy, in fact, the old Penwith, we have ‘wheelie bins’. Now much as I moaned about Penwith this has proved to be one of the best things ever done, no black bags being ripped open overnight by rats/seagulls, rubbish being blown down the street, street cleaning costs down.

So you can imagine how upset I was to hear on the grapevine that Cory had no way to collect from ‘wheelie bins’. This was taken up by a Cornishman newspaper reporter and the answer appeared in today’s paper.

“Rubbish in west Cornwall will have to be put into black plastic bags before you put them into the ‘wheelie bins’ from April. This new rule means that Cory will be able to sort all waste in the same way once it is colleted”.

So good news we still have the ‘wheelie bins’. The rest just does not make any sense.


A quick question for those of you that travel the high-ways & by-ways, when was the last time you saw one of these, think about it?

Some time ago, yes.

Well there is a reason for this TESCO’s decided to drop this marketing opportunity some time ago and now uses plain white lorries. The reason, well I think, the thinking goes, that if you see a lot of TESCO lorries going up and down the highways you just may think about “food miles” and just how many of our lorries are on the road, so its better to let people think that the food gets to our stores by magic” Good environmental thinking there then.

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