Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Letter to Dave

Hi Dave,

Had a nice chat with the chaps in the club the other night, thought I would bring you up to speed about the hols this year. You are going down to Rock this year aren't you? Spose you can’t do the Maldives with the newspapers watching.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag of news really, don’t know how you are going down, but the train may not be such a good idea this year, they are going to cut the number of trains from London by a third down to six from nine, mind you should still be a bit of room in 1st. Watch out if there’s a bit of rain about, the line keeps ’falling in the water’  Lol.

If you decide to take the old Chelsea Tractor down, top tip, fill her up before you leave, can you believe the spivs down there are charging £1.43 £1.49 for the diesel. Still should be able to get there a bit quicker soon, can you chase them up on that road thing, any chance of a bit of Motorway, wouldn't mind if it’s a Toll thing, keeps the plebs off, give us a shout on who’s going to get the contract, get a few shares, win, win. Lol.

Bit of really good news, that woman that comes in to do, don’t know her name, lived in that really nice cottage with her disabled son, the only one with the flowers in the garden,  family been there for years, they've had to move out, something about an extra bedroom only used twice a week so the carer could stay over and can you believe it the local council want her to pay more Council Tax, can you believe the cheek of these local Johnnies, oh yeh you may be able to help here, can you believe these local Johnnies  are going to build lots of houses, a few are called ‘affordable’ now we don’t want any of that on our patch, anyway had a chat with the guys at a meeting on Tuesday in the new job, by the way thanks for putting in a word for me, can’t believe they asked me to leave the last one, just for letting a few mates buy those shares just before you gave the company that contract, thanks for that tip by the way. Still the new job’s great just 2 days a month and loads of money and info, will let you know (wink, wink), anyway where was I, oh yes asked the boys and they said that they could ‘afford’ any of the places that they would want, so there you are, but if these local Johnnies, I think they are your lot, want to build any over our way can you have a word with the planning chaps.

Nicks, had a bit of luck over in St Ives, got himself a parking spot, can you believe it only £55k, says we can borrow it if we pop over that way, he only uses it for a few weekends.

Any news on a ‘Waitrose’ yet?

Well that’s about all for now, don’t work to hard, see you in the summer, is the Met Office one of yours? Have a word, LOL.

Keep the money rolling in.



Ps Stephen’s managed to buy the empty cottage, so he will be down this year.

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