Saturday, 25 May 2013

Conservative controlled Penzance Town Council

I wrote a blog soon after the elections, on the political make up of the new town council, (here).

I stated that looking at the list of those elected and the parties they represent at first glance no Conservatives had been elected, when in fact in the 10 independents there were at least 3.

I was wrong; it would appear that there are at least 4 and very possibly 5, if I'm correct, then the Conservatives make up a quarter of the council. This makes them the equal largest group on the Council, with the remaining independents, but not one of them stood for council under their true colours.

Moreover, boy have they been busy, getting themselves voted in as Chairman of two of the committee’s, one vice chair and deputy mayor.

Normally politics does not play a big part on town and  parish councils, certainly that has been the case on Penzance Town Council, this always changes once the Tory’s get a few members, one way or another, they become very controlling.

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