Friday, 18 May 2012

Torch Relay


The story of the Penzance Bunting, it was decided not to put the Bunting up in Market Jew Street, Penzance too early as we had some fears that it could well get damaged before the day.
So late yesterday afternoon the team were out getting the bunting strung,  but few people would have had the chance to see this effort as at 4 am this morning some young men decided to rip the whole lot down again.

Unfortunately for them the CCTV was working and their antics were caught. As were they a few hours later by local Police Officers.

By 8 am the team were back out again re-erecting the bunting. Fingers crossed for tonight.

Newlyn Coombe

Yesterday morning I waked down the Coombe and into Penzance and all was right with the world, in the afternoon I walked back and in my absence “Health & Safety” for the Olympic Torch Relay had passed that way. For those not familiar with Newlyn Coombe it’s a fairly narrow road in Newlyn (the site of “The Newlyn Meadery”), bounded on one side without a pavement are a range of fish merchants and other business, on the other a narrow pavement with a guard rail stopping you falling into the raging torrent that’s the Coombe.

In the time I had spent in Penzance a row of crash barriers had appeared stretching for about 200 yards connected to the existing guardrails by cable ties, the feet of the crash barriers now took up over half the pavement, I cautiously made my way up the Coombe but having tripped over the protruding legs a few times decided the road was safer. But do not fear the works had not finished as returning down the Coombe in the evening this new trip hazard had been recognised and cured by giving every crash barrier its very own cone. No wonder  “Health & Safety” gets a bad name. 

Found a hazard that was not really there, made a trip hazard, cone for the trip hazard, people now in the road.

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