Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Causewayhead Penzance- Probably the best Independent Trading Street in Cornwall

On Saturday as a Jubilee treat for the current Mrs Pz01, we popped into Penzance for a bit of retail and Causewayhead it was.

Iv’ heard it all over the past few years as a councillor, Penzance is dead, there are no shops and it’s a mess, why don’t you do something.

Well something has been going on and a lot of it in Causewayhead, it’s new automatic bollard is now in place (more about this later), as part of the “Cornishman” Go to Town campaign, traders, councillors, members of the public and members of the Penzance Community Flora Group all turned up on a Sunday morning and gave it a bit of a spring clean, read more about this here…..Go To Town

So the street has had a weed, street furniture painted and flower beds filled, but what about the shops, well how many shops do you think are in Causewayhead?

Take a guess …. 40, 50

You’re wrong in fact there are over 90, yes 90 and the vast majority are Independent   

90 Independent shops, most towns would be pleased to see this number in their town let alone one street. Soon the revived Charter Market will be back at the top of the street so even more reason to visit.

So back to our shopping trip, the sun was shining and Causewayhead was busy, but for a change busy with people, no cars, no vans just people and it was great. Talking to the traders the much maligned bollard was the reason, cars no longer use the street as a short cut,  no delivery vehicles on a Saturday, just room to walk and enjoy and enjoy it we did, the whole street looked a picture, fruit and flowers outside shops, shop doorways with plants either side, after a haircut, new earrings for Mrs Pz01 and a few other bits and pieces we sat down in the excellent Waves and had a coffee.

So next time you want to take a pop at Penzance, take a walk up Causewayhead and
look around.

So congratulations to The Causewayhead Traders Association, Penzance Community Flora Group and all those who helped make Causewayhead - Probably the best Independent Trading Street in Cornwall

Ps. I notice that the old Threshers is being refurbished new tenants moving in soon.

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  1. Dennis - I couldn't agree with you more. Causewayhead and its shops are amazing. Unless you have lived or worked much elsewhere you may not realise how lucky we are in Penzance to have such an asset. Stories of PZ being dead are grossly exaggerated. On Saturdays, and plenty of other times in the week, Causewayhead is heaving and bustling. Since moving to town we have not had the need to shop for our regular stuff (mainly food) anywhere else and guess what? Our shopping bill has been chopped in half, representing real value. Considering the plight of other town centres I think the creativity of our independent traders is to be applauded, not derided. I think often people make assumptions about independent shops being over priced and lacking in variety. By and large this is not the case here. Where else can you find one shop with not one but two varieties of Himalyan pink rock salt !!