Sunday, 6 January 2013


The Town Council has now returned the renovated bench to its home at the bottom of Trewarveneth Street. Along with the benches alongside the War Memorial the council has now repaired all the benches in Newlyn requiring work, the town clerk and I took a trip around the village just before Christmas to identify any others requiring work and are pleased to say all the others looked ok. Although the benches in fact are the responsibility of Cornwall Council the Town felt that it would be quicker if we carried out the work and this was done in house by our handyman. If you know of any others requiring work please let me know. 

In the past few days a row of bollards have appeared alongside the War Memorial and Seamen’s Mission on a road under the control of the Harbour Commissioners, replacing the traffic cones that had been bolted to the ground a few months ago in the same location. I know what the Commissioners are trying to achieve, stopping cars parking here, but I'm not sure a row of bollards next to a row of bollards is the way forward.

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  1. Hear hear Dennis re the bollards - hardly in the spirit of community!