Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Penzance Retail Space

Sat at home last night in front of the computer, after a couple of meetings, a photograph of a document was posted on Twitter by @Tweet_Bus, for which I thank him. The document caused a little comment and some deal of surprise. 

The document has been produced for the group opposing the huge development planned at Coyte Farm, St Austell, @StopCoyteFarm .

What the document shows is the Total Occupied Retail Floorspace of major towns in Cornwall; this is then broken down into ‘Convenience Goods’ and ‘Comparison Goods’.

Convenience Goods are defined as ‘These are widely distributed and relatively inexpensive goods which are purchased frequently and with minimum of effort, such as petrol, newspapers, and most grocery items.’ To most people the stuff you tend to buy at a Supermarket regularly.

Comparison Goods are defined as 'non perishable' goods for retail sale which are often stocked in a wide range of sizes, styles, colours and qualities, including furniture, carpets, televisions, clothing etc.’

The surprise for many perhaps is that Penzance has the second largest amount of retail space in Cornwall, only Truro has more.

It should also be noted that on the list of Convenience Goods retail space Penzance comes forth (4) beaten by Truro, Newquay and Camborne and by some margin, so even with the soon to be built Sainsbury’s supermarket, Penzance will not move up this list.

For Comparison Goods, Penzance easily comes second, only beaten by Truro.

Interesting reading and a set of numbers I've not seen before.

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