Thursday, 13 June 2013

Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

This evening (13 June 2013) there is a meeting of the Penzance Town Council Planning Committee, this will be the second meeting of that committee since the elections, of the 10 members on the committee, 5 are new members, some of whom were very critical of the Town Council planning committee before being elected, regarding development and retail shops within the town.

Tonight the members have an interesting application to consider.

No PA13/02516  

Applicant: Mr P. Jemmett, 3 Hanover Square, London

Change of use from A1 to A5 (Retail to Takeaway) 1-2 Market Jew Street.

At first glance not too much to worry about, just a change of use, not even the full planning application.

Things the committee will have to consider:

Loss of retail space on the main street, 1-2 Market Jew Street use to be Curry’s Digital.

Bringing an empty shop back in to use.

Number of Takeaways already in the town centre. Is this one different? Hard to tell, as the application does not say what type of takeaway it’s to be. This application is only for change of use, the applicants address is a branch of Citibank.

If the committee decide not to object, they will be accused of:
Letting the town centre go to rack and ruin.
Letting too many takeaways open in the town.
Destroying the town centre.
Selling out to big business.
Turning the town centre into a clone town.

If the committee decide to object, they will be accused of:  
Letting the town centre go to rack and ruin.
Failing to encourage business.
Not caring about the town centre.
Destroying the town centre.
Not encouraging a big business into the town.

As the saying goes, damned if you do damned if you don’t.


  1. If the application is effectively anonymous, you reject it on principle. If nothing changes, then we have at least maintained the level of available retail space. If someone has a genuine takeaway application that can be appraised on its own merits, then you apply for change of use.

    Do we really need another national takeaway with their hands in our pockets, shuffling what little money we do contribute to our economy away offshore so no tax is paid on it? I think not.

    If we don't know who the client is, then we have no basis for allowing a change of use.

    This should be a no-brainer.

  2. I highly doubt Penzance needs Burger King taking business away from other cafes/restaurants in town.